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5 Messages for a Patient Flare Up

What do you do if your current treatment or assessment flares up a patient's condition? Are you prepared? Do you have a system in place?

1. Quickly Apologize

  • "I'm sorry that technique/movement/ exercise irritated your system a bit" - irritation vs damage
  • "now we know your current limits"
  • "this gave us valuable information"

2. Stay Positive

  • "You had Sx for x months/years and we started making headway within just a few days"
  • "this flareup is just your brain giving us a little heads up, too much too fast!"

3. Valuable Information was Gained

  • "Now we know you can do x squats or bends prior to your brain telling us to back off a bit"
  • "this gives us a good pre and post test measure"

4. Why did that happen?

  • "Why do you think that happened?"
  • turn it into an educational session on sensitivity, triggers, and limits

5. Have Realistic Expectations

  • "Here is a useful graphic on what to expect."
  • "What did you expect recovery to be like?"
  • "As long as the overall trend is up, we're headed in the right direction!"

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